Getting off to the right start

You've spent weeks, months or even years lining up all the elements for a successful construction project.

Now that it's finally time to get your control systems, instruments, and equipment up and running smoothly, bring in the experts from Mundial Group, Inc. to help complete your project on time and within budget.


Our highly skilled instrument technicians visit sites around the country, delivering accurate, effective pre-commissioning, and commissioning services and ensuring that projects stay on schedule. These efforts require years of experience and technical training to ensure that everything gets properly set up and performs exactly to specifications from Day One. At Mundial, we believe a key component to a successful startup is having highly qualified personnel onsite. With their deep backgrounds in a variety of industries, our onsite instrument technicians address specific project requirements and client requests efficiently, safely, and flexibly. Our detailed approach includes:

Instrument and Controls Pre-Commissioning

  • Verifying the correct installation design for instrumentation devices and control systems.
  • Configuring equipment per design documentation and specifications.
  • Ensuring correct wiring in panels and field devices.
  • Certifying calibration of instrumentation and control valves.
  • Confirming proper tagging of equipment, panels, and instruments.
  • Simulating I/O wiring from field instrumentation to control systems.

Instrument and Controls Commissioning

  • Working with system owners/operators to introduce process fluid to systems.
  • Collaborating with construction schedulers to meet project start-up dates.
  • Fine-tuning the control system/instruments/ equipment in order to reach the startup phase for product productions.
  • Documenting all checkouts per design specifications and client requests.
  • Maintaining continuity throughout the engineering and construction phases.